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AVI Video Format

1. Introduction

AVI (Audio Video Interleave) is a format developed by Microsoft, which became a native video file format on the Windows platforms. The video clips in AVI or DICOM are supported by the Vascular (Research) Tools software.

2. AVI with MPEG Compression

Certain ultrasound machines (i.e. SonoSite) can output AVI files configured in the MPEG compression method. The MPEG compression is not supported.

Solution: On the ultrasound machine, change the compression to a setting other than MPEG.

For the video clips already generated in AVI with MPEG compression, those video clips need to be imported back to the ultrasound machine, and then exported again using a non-MPEG compression setting. Consult the ultrasound machine manual on how to import and export.

3. AVI Codec Special Requirements

Our software can analyze majority of image sequence (video) in AVI format. However certain AVI videos requirement special Codec (compression/decompression methods) for playback.

If you know the software that is used to create the AVI video data, please refer to the AVI creation software on possible special handling of AVI video playback on a separate computer. Otherwise try to download and install the AVI codec from below:

  1. AVI Codec Pack Pro from D-i-v-x
  2. Pinnacle codec – it is from the pinnacle website.
  3. Xvid codec by Xvid
  4. Pegasus PICVideo codec by Accusoft
  5. TSCC codec by TechSmith
  6. Motion JPEG codec by Morgan Multimedia

These codecs are either free or they let you test-drive the codec before you buy.

4. MPEG and QuickTime Video Format

The MPEG and QuickTime video formats are not supported. They need to be converted to the AVI format. There are commercial or free tools for video format conversions.

5. AVI Converter

We recommend the following AVI converters, which can convert a variety of video formats, including the MPEG and QuickTime, into a standard AVI video format. The converted AVI files have been tested to be compatible with our Vascular (Research) Tools software.

Both converters are commercial software developed by companies independent and unrelated to MIA-LLC. They offer try-before-you-buy options.

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